Pico Projector

BV 180

  • 35 efficient lumens
  • Built-in MHL cable plug & play
  • Power backup for smart phone
  • Slim & lightweight design

Pico Projector

BellaVision, a new product line by Genius to advance digital projection technology creates smart projection devices.
The BV 180 is a pico projector with VGA (640 x 480) resolution and 35 energy efficient lumens that brings you convenience and lightweight portability in digital projection.
With BV 180, you can show movies and photos from your smart phone through MHL or micro HDMI interface up to a 60 inch image at 2 meters distance. In addition, BV180 also supports mirror projection, which lets you see what you project immediately. The rechargeable 1850mAh Li-Polymer battery can even serve as a power backup for your smart phone. The plug and play design with its small size lets you easily project anywhere.

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