Dual lens vehicle recorder


  • Dual lens Vehicle Recorder for high definition video recording
  • 2.7 ” panel for focusing and video file playback
  • 130 degree wide angle, no video distortion
  • Built-in IR Light for low light conditions
  • G-Sensor build in for emergency recording

Dual lens vehicle recorder

Genius has launched a wide range of DVR devices for use as a extra eye on the road for emergency situations. These DVR units provide car safety and record evidence in case there are any accidents and looks to reduce any possible disagreements. The latest release is the DVR-HD500D, which is the first dual vehicle recorder that lets you view from the front and back simultaneously as the rear camera is connected with a seven meter cable. The front lens is a HD lens recorder/30 fps H.264 compression 130 degree wide angle with an IR LED to use when driving at night. The rear camera has a VGA lens to record what is going on behind you on the road.                            
The wide 130 angle lens lets you view video without distortion. The built-in three axis G-sensor can sense any crash events and protect the recorded files as evidence for any necessary insurance claims.

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