Gaming Racing Wheel

Speed Wheel 6 MT

  • 11” gaming wheel compatible with PC/PS3    
  • D-pad, manual transmission and two-hand levers
  • Foot pedals are sturdy and slip-resistant for acceleration and braking
  • Two C-Clamps fit most tables and desks

Gaming Racing Wheel

The new Genius Racing Wheel Speed Wheel 6 MT brings you a whole new racing experience. The large size 11” wheel with an anti-slip finish gives you a nice grip and feel. With dual motors and vibration feedback, you'll experience close to real life racing. The D-pad, manual transmission and two-handed levers give you precision control during serious racing competition. Furthermore, its sturdy and slip-resistant foot pedals provide timely acceleration and braking. Speed Wheel 6 MT works with both PS3 and PC systems as well as the latest Windows 8 platform and is great for the hard core racer.

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