Ring Style Air Mouse

Ring Mouse 2

  • Cutting-edge ring style touch air mouse
  • Lightweight and human oriented ring design for business travelers, education, and i-users
  • Natural rubber ring for comfort and finger grip
  • Onboard screen display for processing action

Ring Style Air Mouse

Portable breakthrough design by Genius! The world’s first ring style touch cursor controller for business, travel, education and i-users ~ Ring Mouse 2. This device transforms mouse technology into a unique, flexible rubber design that fits securely on your finger or you can put it in your pocket, so it's ready to go wherever you go.

With the US Patented design (No 7298362 B2) - touch control technology, you can slide your finger along the touch panel to navigate effortlessly through web pages or documents. Ring Mouse II comes with the in-air mouse function so you can use actual mouse functions like cursor movement, left/middle/right buttons, dragging and 4-way scrolling.

Ring Mouse 2 is a cutting-edge technology innovation, powered by the slimmest Li-ion rechargeable battery design to protect the environment without having to change batteries. There’s also a smart battery-low indicator that flashes in blue when it’s time to recharge. The Ring Mouse II worry-free 2.4GHz technology ensures a solid connection every time up to 10 meters.

Ring Mouse 2 is available in two colors: Silver and Titanium. It’s a trendsetting , human-oriented touch controller that is new point and click technology.

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