Gaming Arcade Stick

Arcade F-1000

  • Standard 4-axis 13-button joypad
  • Supports TURBO function
  • Arcade style controller for PlayStation 3 and PC
  • Great for Fighting, Action, and Shooting games
  • 3M cable and 1M extension cable for flexible use

Gaming Arcade Stick

The new gaming arcade stick from Genius, Arcade F-1000 is your best partner for professional gamers who want to take down their opponents in games  like Street Fighter X Tekken and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Arcade F-1000 works with both PS3 and PC systems as well as the latest Windows 8 platform.

The turbo function and 13 access buttons allow gamers to outperform others in the most competitive action and shooting games.

The durable metal base increases the heft for a solid and secure feel when draining your foe’s life bar. The Arcade F-1000 comes with a three meter cable as well as a one meter extension cable for playing in a larger area. 

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