ECO-Friendly Battery-Free BlueEye Notebook Mouse


  • Black 2.4GHz battery-free mouse
  • 1600 dpi BlueEye engine
  • Works on dusted glass, marble, carpet, sofa, etc.
  • Plug and forget USB Pico receiver
  • Power switch extends battery life
  • Suitable for either hand
  • Stick-N-Go design
  • Charging cable compartment

ECO-Friendly Battery-Free BlueEye Notebook Mouse

Experience the most ECO-friendly wireless mouse in the Genius ECO family - NX-ECO. The NX-ECO is an ECO-friendly wireless BlueEye mouse that gives a whole new meaning to the term “batteries not included”, as the state of the art battery-free design renders batteries obsoletel simply plug the Micro USB rechargeable cable into your computer’s USB and the wireless BlueEye mouse is fully-charged within three minutes! What’s more, the novel built-in ultracapacitor allows the NX-ECO wirless mouse to be recharged approximately 100,000 times.

The Genius BlueEye technology, with 2.4Ghz bi-directional technology, lets you work virtually anywhere without interference at distances of up to 15 meters. For greater control over your mouse NX-ECO feautres a dpi buttion that allows you to instantly witch dpi between 800 and 1600, so you can adjust your mouse for speed or precision. Plus, with a smart storage compartment inside the mouse for the receiver and USB charging cable, you won’t have to worry about misplacing them and it comes in handy when traveling.

The NX-ECO battery-free wireless mouse is the perfect solution for those environmentally-conscious users seeking a wireless mouse that’s easy on the wallet and our plant!

Part Number:

Black :31030088101;White:31030088102