Full HD vehicle recorder


  • FHD Vehicle recorder for high definition video recording
  • 2.4” panel for focusing and video file playback
  • 128 degree wide angle, no video distortion
  • Built-in high power LED for low light conditions
  • G-Sensor build in for emergency recording

Full HD vehicle recorder

Genius has launched a new vehicle recorder - DVR-FHD590, a full HD video recorder with a 5MP camera sensor that takes brilliant videos at 30 fps with H.264 compression for a smaller file size. With the DVR-FHD590, you can document everything that happens as video evidence if there is an emergency.

Just attach the pocket size DV-FDH590 to your windshield to easily record as you drive.
In addition, the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology with a high power LED reduces blurred images and produces brilliant and clear videos even when there is low light or strong and reflective lighting situations. The wide angle lens lets you see video at 128 degrees without distortion. G-sensor build in can sense any crash events and protect the recorded files as evidence for any necessary accident claims.

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