LED Backlight Gaming Keyboard


  • Blue LED backlight keyboard
  • 17 anti-ghost keys: press six keys at the same time without conflict
  • 8 hot keys for Internet and media controls
  • 1000 Hz full speed report rate provides faster  gaming response

LED Backlight Gaming Keyboard

KB-G255 is a brand new LED backlight keyboard from Genius that brings you a superior online gaming experience. This full size keyboard provides gamers more functions and handy battle tools to be victorious during any gaming challenge.

There are numerous features included in the KB-G255: 17 anti-ghost key design gives gamers advanced gaming control even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously, and eight hotkeys to manage game media and Internet controls instantly. With its 1000Hz full speed USB report rate, gamers can enjoy a faster gaming response time, especially on FPS games.

Another cool feature on the KB-G255 is that it has eight silver replacement keycaps, so gamers can locate particular keys in low-light or during late night gaming sessions, providing a better gaming experience.

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