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Configuring digitizer for MicroStation 5.0/95

There are two possibilities to configure digitizer under MicroStation:

  • by using Genius WinTab driver
  • by using Bently Digitizer Tablet Interface (DTI)

1. Using Genius WinTab driver
After installing the Genius WinTab driver, the Tablet Control Panel must be setup for MicroStation (click Start; Programs; Tablet Control Panel).
For MicroStation to recognize the tablet, tracking mode must be set to Absolute.

The next step is to configure the buttons to match the MicroStation Button Assignments.
Whichever button you wish to use for Data, set to Left Click.
Whichever button you wish to use for Reset, set to Right Click.
All remaining buttons should be set to None.

Configuring the Buttons in MicroStation

To configure the cursor buttons in MicroStation do the following:

  • Choose Workspace; Button Assignments in MicroStation.
  • The Button Assignments dialog box will open .
  • With the upper left cursor button click the name of the button you wish to configure (Data, Tentative, Reset, Command, etc.) in the top section of the dialog box. The button name will highlight.
  • After highlighting the appropriate button name, move your cursor to the lower section (Button Definition Area) and press the cursor button you want to assign to the action highlighted above.
  • Place the cursor on the word to "here" to make sure you′re at the right location. In the top section you should see the "Invoked by" setting change

Note: The Data button should always be invoked by the Left Button, the Reset button should always be invoked by the Right button and all the remaining buttons should be invoked by a button number (for example Button 4, 5, 6, .).

2. Using Bentley Digitizer Tablet Interface
The driver is available on the following site

First uninstall Genius WinTab driver.
Expand the downloaded file and read DTINOTES.TXT first. As next run from the downloaded file the WINTAB.EXE and select from the tablet list Summa Graphics MM series. Follow the installation instructions of DTINOTES.TXT.
NOTE: Bentley Digitizer Tablet Interface can only be used in cooperation of a mouse connected to your system.