Teclado inalámbrico recargable de 2.4GHz

LuxeMate R820

  • Teclado y mouse inalámbrico recargable de 2.4GHz
  • Hasta 10 metros de distancia operativa y función anti-interferencia
  • Diseño de teclado ultradelgado con teclas de función mejoradas
  • Cargador de batería USB
  • Mouse óptico de alta resolución con micro-receptor

Teclado inalámbrico recargable de 2.4GHz

LuxeMate R820 is a rechargeable desktop combo kit that features a USB battery charger to prolong the battery life for your mouse and keyboard. The anti-interference function offers reliable 2.4GHz transmission and longer operational distance.

The fashionable Apple like style keycaps - soft to the touch and silent for typing; is a great kit for office and Internet users. For maximum typing pleasure, LuxeMate R820 uses a metal plate to enhance the tactile feedback and it has ten function keys for instant control of media and Internet features. And the mouse has 1200 dpi high-definition optical tracking technology so you can browse documents or Internet pages more quickly. Contact your sales representative for more information about LuxeMate R820.