Watch Home TV on a PC/NB anywhere


  • Watch and Control your home TV via Skype connection
  • Connection chart for watch Analog TV on PC/NB

Watch Home TV on a PC/NB anywhere

Genius introduces its new A03-IPTV, which is not only an Analog TV box, but also enables travelers to watch and control local TV programs via Skype by simply plugging the A03-IPTV box into your home PC. Once you are away from home, call the Skype account of your home PC and you can watch your favorite TV programs from home immediately. It's just so easy and convenient. You won’t be homesick anymore missing any of your favorite programs!

TV recording and Video input:
It also supports real-time and schedule recording in MPEG-1/2/4 format. You can capture a video image you like and turn it into wallpaper on your PC. It also has an AV (Video & Audio) input connector, so you can convert V8, DV, and VCD video stream to your PC.

Another outstanding feature is that A03-IPTV supports the latest Microsoft OS: 2000/ XP/ XP64bit/ XP MCE 2005/ Vista. It also includes a MCE compatible remote control, so if you have a MCE system, you can control MyTV of Media Center's functions via the remote control.