12MP digital camera

G-Shot V1200

  • 12 MP CCD Sensor
  • 2.7” TFT LCD
  • 3 x Optical zoom; 5 x Digital zoom
  • Face tracking
  • Anti-Shaking/Smile/Blinking detection
  • Intelligent mode
  • Aperture Priority
  • Supports HCSD card up to 32GB

12MP digital camera

The G-Shot V series from Genius is releasing two new digital cameras: the 10 megapixel G-Shot V1010 and the 12 megapixel G-Shot V1200. Both are high resolution digital cameras in a stylish and compact design. They use a true color filtered Sony 10.0 and 12 mega-pixel CCD sensor respectively and both have a 2.7” color display and 3x optical zoom.

Features include anti-shaking to avoid any blurring when holding the camera by hand, an intelligent mode that helps you take a performance photo that automatically detects eight different types of scenes and chooses the appropriate camera settings, and a high ISO value up to 6400 reduce camera shaking effects.

In addition, a pre-composition mode can configure the background that you have always wanted, and more than 20 vivid scenes are available for you to get a clear image, along with an anti-blink mode. For more about G-Shot V1010 and G-Shot V1200, contact your sales representative.