10 watt 3-piece speaker system

SW-2.1 355

  • 2.1 ch speaker system
  • Total output power: 10 watts.
  • Subwofer: 5watts

10 watt 3-piece speaker system

Experience clean, crisp, consistent sound from your games, music and more, Genius adds a 3-piece speaker system, SW-2.1 355 to its line of 2.1ch stereo speaker systems for the desktop PC.
This 3-piece 10-watt subwoofer speaker system includes two compact satellite speakers and a solid wood subwoofer that provides quality stereo sound and powerful bass at an affordable price and enhances your PC, MP3, CD player, etc.! The wood subwoofer with the 4” driver delivers solid, distortion-free sound. Separate volume and bass level controls provide personal sound adjustment.

No matter if you’re listening to music or playing games, SW-2.1 355 is great for your budget.