200-watt 5.1 Wood Surround System

SW-HF5.1 6000

  • Six-piece wooden home theater speaker system with a total of 200 watts RMS output power
  • -Subwoofer: 100 watts
  • -Center/Front/Surround speakers: 20 watts per channel
  • LCD display shows full function
  • Create 5.1 surround sound for music, movies and video games
  • Great for working with a DVD player, Game console and TV/MP3/CD players
  • Remote control included

200-watt 5.1 Wood Surround System


Enjoy your home music just like in concert hall!!

Enjoy a home theater experience or exciting games with the Genius six-piece SW-HF5.1 6000 Surround Sound System. With the SW-HF5.1 6000 from Genius, you experience all-in-one surround sound in a very solid and elegant, wooden home theater system.
This six-piece wood speaker system combines a 100 watt subwoofer with a built-in 8” long-throw driver to provide deep rich bass performance and five 20 watt two-way satellites to deliver a total power output of 200 watts (RMS). A remote control is available to control the volume, and set the self-EQ for the subwoofer/center/ front/ surround in order to create the ultimate surround effect. The various audio inputs let you connect to a DVD, TV, and other stereo devices easily. And the LCD display shows every movement digitally. Connection is easy and simple. All of the SW-HF5.1 6000 speakers and the cables are color-coded and clearly labeled for easy setup.
When you’re sitting in the living room with the remote control, it’ll be just like having your own personal theater with this speaker system. So bring true sound to life with the Genius SW-HF5.1 6000 surround speaker system and enjoy your music just like in a concert hall.