Ergonomic Design for Great Working Comfort

Ergo 8800

  • 2.4Ghz technology anti-interference and power saving
  • Ergonomic design and rubber hand grip for great working comfort
  • Use two AA battery- battery life up to 36 months (able to use AA or two AA)
  • Seven button design
  • Adjustable dpi for 800/1200/1600 dpi
    * Battery life may vary based on usage and battery conditions.

Ergonomic Design for Great Working Comfort

Genius introduces the Ergo 8800; a new wireless infrared mouse. The advanced design maximizes wrist comfort while making navigation effortless. Shaped to encourage a more natural hand, wrist, and forearm posture, this device helps prevent possible pain from repetitive stress injuries.


Ergo 8800 provides quick and easy access to Windows 8 features. Quickly navigate to switch between apps and to open up the Charms panel. Or you can simply toggle between Windows 8 Metro interface and the last app used. Additionally, the Ergo 8800 has four hot keys to access Previous/Next Page, Flying Scroll and adjust the dpi between 800, 1200 and 1600.


One set of included AA batteries gives you up to 36 months of dependable power without battery changes. Say goodbye to the hassle, expense, and waste of frequent battery changes. It's so energy efficient, you won't even have to think about replacing the batteries for years. And since you'll be using and disposing fewer batteries, you'll be doing a good thing for the planet too.


The Ergo 8800 is the ergonomic mouse that lets you scroll or surf on virtually any turf!

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